What colors do you offer?

At Bullet our desire is to create the boat of your dreams. We have several paint schemes and options that allow you to place any combination of flake or gel coat in up to eight different areas of the boat. We do not limit the number of colors that we offer. Because of this, it is impossible to show a “color chart”. We will custom mix poly flake colors and special order custom gel coat in effort to make the closest match possible to your sample. We also can duplicate any color you might see from any other boat manufacturer. Our dealers are very experienced at choosing great unique combinations for their inventory. Choosing from your dealer’s selection will allow you to have your boat immediately! If your dealer does not have “just what you want”, our factory staff is available to assist you and your dealer in person or by telephone in choosing the colors for your own custom color, Bullet boat.


Can I visit the factory for a tour?

Yes, you may visit any day Monday through Friday, 7 AM -2 PM. We ask if possible, that you call ahead. 865-577-7055. Map and directions


Can I buy directly from the factory?

All Bullet sales are made through an authorized dealer. If you take a factory tour we can fill out a tentative work order showing the colors and options you desire. This will assist your dealer in pricing a special ordered boat. He authorizes and places the order. Even if you just considering a Bullet or buying from a dealer’s inventory, you are still welcomed to tour the factory.


If you desire to order accessories or parts, you can order those from our parts and accessories department online, or by telephone.


Both the 20’ and 21’10” hull designs provide both a smooth and dry ride in rough conditions. There are a great number of Bullet boats that have been in service for years on waters such as Kentucky Lake, Toledo Bend, The Mississippi River, Venice, Louisiana, Guntersville Lake, to name a few. Bullet will not only get up on top of the waves, but stay there at almost any speed, slow to fast. The performance of Bullet’s deep-v hull and pad design is excellent. The 21’10” models offer a ride and handling that can’t be beat. The true proof is to take a test drive. You will be amazed!


How can a lighter weight boat ride so well?

The hull design, length and set up are what determine any boat’s ride, handling and performance. If the misconception that a boat must be heavier to ride smooth were true, then simply adding weight or tackle to a boat with a bad hull design would result in a better ride. That myth doesn’t quite fly.


How can a lighter weight boat “hold up”?

Putting it simply, we build boats completely different than a mass produced manufacturer. To build a Bullet involves many man hours from skilled employees, using very strong but light in weight materials (also expensive). This results in a lighter weight boat that is extremely strong and durable. This process combined with very detailed fit and finishing results in superior quality. There is much more detail in “Construction".


Why are there not Bullet dealers “everywhere”?

At Bullet we strive to create a network of dealers who excel in customer service and satisfaction. It is also important that they have the ability to perform custom rigging that is many times requested by Bullet customers. A Bullet dealer must be knowledgeable in hi-performance set-ups and demonstrations. Many times, in many areas, dealers with these attributes are simply not available. Our motto is to seek out this type of dealer to do business with, and give him a reasonable territory. This is a direct opposite of the mass produced manufacturers who set up virtually any dealer, and put one on every corner. Mass marketing results in flooding the market with product, lack of individuality, and poor customer service.


Can I buy an even lighter Bullet boat?

Yes. We offer special “competition hull lay ups”. There is more information in the construction area.


What if I want an option that is not listed?

It is possible that it might be a dealer installed item. Discuss it with him and/or with our factory. We will do our best to accommodate you.


Why are your boats not “packaged”?

We feel that our customer should be able to designate his selection of equipment, such as trolling motor, electronic equipment, prop, engine and horsepower, and customized rigging. He should also have the option on how and where it is installed. We offer several different levels of rigging. The dealer will do much of the final rigging in house. He can accommodate the specific requests of his customer, who is present for instruction. This is another way which Bullet is different from the mass produced builders which only offer packages with very few options.”





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