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Hand laid & Core Construction Methods


Bullet Construction:


The more you know about the construction of a Bullet Boat, the greater insight you will have into the unique advantages that result from building a very strong although lighter weight boat.  A few of these are:  awesome fuel economy on the water or towing, fantastic performance and handling and durability for many, many years.


The method used in the construction of Bullet Boats is termed "hand lay-up," more specifically, hand lay-up utilizing "sandwich core" construction. By applying material by hand, large continuous layers of glass fabrics can be utilized for a distinct advantage in construction.   Precise calculations can then determine which glass material at what exact weight should be placed in specific areas of the boat.


The same principle holds true for resin applications. Precise application of resins -- just enough to saturate the strands -- eliminates weakness and brittleness in composites due to excessive resin. Too much resin adds unnecessary weight to the boat and at the same time reduces its strength.

In addition to the preliminary glass laminates, a core material is added. Different thicknesses of material are used, according to what testing and engineering have indicated is necessary for that area's particular stress and load. The core is then covered with additional layers of glass fabrics. This type of composite provides enormous structural strength and rigidity, yet keeps overall weight very reasonable.


Along with the glass fabrics used in composites, Kevlar fabrics are also used. The Kevlar reduces weight while significantly increasing strength. High-performance marine resins that are vinyl ester-based are the primary resins utilized at Bullet, because they too greatly enhance the strength of the boat's construction.


An extended mold time, normally 7-8 days on average, allows a thorough curing for all boat parts. The curing process ensures a flawless cosmetic finish and results in a precise hull surface which enhances handling and overall performance.


A very high number of man hours per boat result not only in quality construction, but also in unsurpassed fit and finish of the final product.

Nothing is left out of a Bullet Boat in order to reduce weight. Quite the opposite, state-of-the-art materials, utilizing the painstaking production process of 100% hand lay-ups, are added to the Bullet Boat to result in a superior product.  This is such an improved and different method of manufacturing, other builders making mass produced “chopped” boats can’t even begin to compare.


At Bullet, we understand what our customers are looking for in a tournament-worthy performance boat:  handling, strength, durability, fuel efficiency, and a great fishing lay-out.

A Bullet Boat delivers it all.



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